Game Manual

To get into Buttons!! quickly, best follow the tutorials from level 1 to 6. If you want more information, you just came to the right place:

The Buttons:

The circle-button:
circly-buttonthis button is the motor of the whole game: when pressed, all adjacent (and unpressed) buttons move counterclockwise. It is the only way to move buttons around.

the blank buttonunpressed
The blank button will raise adjacent buttons that are already pressed – this way they become active again.

obstaclethe Obstacle:
This pesky cube is blocking your other buttons from turning they way you might intend.

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 12.00.38the destroy-button
This button will destroy obstacles if directly next to them.


The Rules:

  • once a button is pressed it becomes inactive
  • you can activate it again by pressing a blank button next to it
  • inactive buttons are lowered, don’t move and are jumped over by other buttons


  • from level 5 onwards, you will receive one coin per level you finish (only once per level)
  • with coins you can unlock higher groups of levels
  • you can also buy hearts during a levels


  • with hearts you can take back moves when getting stuck in a level
  • each used heart will cost you one coin
  • you can spend up to 5 hearts per level